The ultimate propulsion solution

Torque where it’s supposed to be

Taking example from bionics and mother nature, we are bringing high-performance, direct-drive in-wheel electric motors into mass production.

PRODRIVE is capable of delivering over 6000 Nm of direct-drive torque to a single driving platform, all from inside the wheels.

Elaphe™ L1500 in-wheel motor has the highest specific torque at under 30 kg of added weight, minimizing unsprung weight.

PRODRIVE features the direct-drive optimized Elaphe™ in-wheel propulsion architecture.

Each in-wheel motor features an integrated standard OEM disc brake and bearing.


The distributed simplicity

Elaphe distributed in-wheel architecture solution features compact, high-performance direct-drive electric motors inside each wheel, delivering instant response at unprecedented efficiency – any time, any place.



Setting the standard for premium cars, PRODRIVE L-1500 in-wheel electric motor is an essential part of the Elaphe distributed in-wheel propulsion architecture solution. By taking a progressive, integrated approach leading to a one-stop-shop solution, PRODRIVE delivers an electrified platform, from wheels to display.



Elaphe PRODRIVE L-1500 in-wheel electric powertrain solution gives the vehicle instant access to more than 6000 Nm of torque. No gears. No transmission. No losses. Just pure power inside the wheels.


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