April 2, 2017

Elaphe at the 2017 Shanghai motor show

As in-wheel motors are becoming an increasingly hot topic, Elaphe introduced its leading in-wheel technology to local and international automotive audience at the 2017 Shanghai motor show. Auto Shanghai is one of the largest and most important automotive exhibitions in the world, occupying more than 350.000 square meters of space, with over 2000 exhibitors catering to almost a million visitors over the duration of the show.

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies showcased the latest in-wheel propulsion system innovations, ranging from a wide range of Elaphe™ in-wheel motors to the complete in-wheel propulsion system, including power electronics and the vehicle propulsion control unit – the Elaphe™ PCU. The in-wheel demonstration platform and a 4×4 fully electric in-wheel driven SUV were presented together with the video of the SUV’s recent winter testing.

Elaphe CEO speaks at TMC2017 about benefits of in-wheel motor technology.
During the motor show, Shanghai also hosted the largest international transmission & powertrain event in China – TMC2017 – the 9th Transmission Symposium, organized by the Chinese chapter of SAE.

At the TMC conference, Gorazd Lampič, CEO of Elaphe, spoke about in-wheel motor technology and the methodology behind its development process.

As Lampic reported, the transmission related conference was a perfect place to “present and discuss challenges and benefits of the direct-drive concept which uses no transmission”.

Transmission experts also presented data of electric powertrain energy efficiency throughout typical driving cycles, taking into account the losses in transmissions, electric motor, power electronics and the battery.

The presented state-of-the-art central electric motor and powertrain efficiencies serve as an important confirmation of in-wheel motor superiority in overall vehicle propulsion efficiency.
For example, compared to the latest central electric motor efficiency, Elaphe in-wheel system (motor+inverter) is in fact more than 10% more efficient compared to a central electric motor with gear and transmissions.

Elaphe was not the only presenter of in-wheel technologies. Dr. Zhang Zhojun from Shanghai eDrive Co. Ltd presented the many possible applications of in-wheel motor technology.

In his study, even with not too recent data, one of the old Elaphe in-wheel motor designs was found to have the highest specific torque (27.8 Nm/kg). Based on his independent analysis, Elaphe has the leading in-wheel motor technology on the market.